How we do it: radiofrequency-turbinectomy for nasal obstruction symptoms.

  • G Harsten
  • Published 2005 in Clinical otolaryngology : official journal of ENT-UK ; official journal of Netherlands Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology & Cervico-Facial Surgery


Radiofrequency energy has been reported to be effective to reduce nasal obstruction because of inferior turbinate hypertrophy. A total of 158 patients who had undergone such surgery are reported. Three to 30 months postoperatively 85% of the patients reported a marked decrease in nasal obstruction. This was irrespective of a short-term or a long-term follow-up, and was applicable to patients that had septal deviations in addition. Radiofrequency-turbinectomy is a simple and effective method for treatment of nasal obstruction as a result of hypertrophy of the inferior turbinates, even if combined with a moderate septal deviation.


15 Figures and Tables

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